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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ceph and why do I need support?

Ceph is an open-source software-defined storage platform designed to provide highly scalable object, block, and file storage. Ceph support services ensure that your Ceph implementation is stable, optimized and well maintained. They include assistance with installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance to maximize performance and reliability.

What types of problems does Ceph support cover?

Ceph support covers a wide range of issues, including configuration problems, performance optimization, error resolution, upgrades, and integration with other systems. It also includes assistance with data recovery and ensuring data integrity.

Does Ceph support provide assistance with hardware compatibility and recommendations?

Yes, Ceph support services can provide guidance on choosing compatible hardware for the Ceph cluster based on performance and capacity requirements. They can also offer recommendations for hardware configurations in line with Ceph best practices to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Can Ceph support services help with data migration and disaster recovery planning?

Yes, Ceph support often includes assistance with data migration between storage clusters and disaster recovery planning. Service technicians can advise on best practices for data replication, backup strategies, and recovery procedures to ensure data availability and integrity in the event of failure or disaster.

What response time can I expect for Ceph service issues?

Response times for Ceph support may vary depending on the severity of the problem and the service level agreement (SLA) in effect. Typically, critical problems receive immediate attention, while less urgent ones are addressed within a specified time frame agreed upon in the service contract.

How do you troubleshoot with Ceph support if needed?

If there is an urgent problem that requires immediate attention, most Ceph support services offer escalation procedures. Depending on the service contract, this may involve contacting a dedicated service technician, initiating a priority service ticket or accessing a 24/7 service hotline.